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How to do Workshops On a Budget

Posted by Mark Triplett on Wed, Feb 17, 2016 @ 04:55 PM


We often hear from insurance producers that they’d love to do seminar or workshop marketing, but don’t have the financial resources to pay for the list and postcard mailing. While prospecting plays an important role in growing your business, you really don't want to stretch your budget too far and put yourself in financial jeapordy. So how do you do workshops on a budget?

Here’s how many agents have addressed this problem to earn the money to conduct a workshop.

  1. Market the Lazy Money Concept to:
    • Existing Clients
    • Family and Friends
    • Referrals
  2. Sell one $10,000 policy per week each month
  3. Use commissions after one month to run a workshop

From there, if you run one workshop a month, you should be getting in front of enough prospects to easily put yourself in the position to transition $500,000 of assets. If have average selling skills, and from this point hold one workshop-a-month, you can be a $6-million producer. If you're better than average, you could see your sales rise higher than $10 - $15 million.

What is Lazy Money?

Lazy money is a concept that appeals to many people in today’s low interest rate environment. We have a complete marketing system that helps you get the lazy money off the sidelines and back to work for the client, into products that provide more benefits.

I Want to Market Lazy Money!

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