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Yes ... Even You Need A Coach!

Posted by Jeff Janes on Wed, May 25, 2016 @ 02:33 PM


Even the Best Need Coaching

We hear it all the time from good insurance producers, they say, "I'm pretty successful, so why in the world would I ever need a coach?"  Well, consider one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on the court, Michael Jordan.  This legendary player accomplished so much in his time in the NBA, that very few would argue he wasn't "good." In fact, I argue he was the greatest all-around player the game has ever seen, but that's another discussion entirely.

What very few people remember (other than those who lived in Chicago during that time) is that in his first few years in the league Jordan was playing good basketball, but the team was struggling.  Then in 1989, coach Phil Jackson accepted the position of head coach.  He knew he had a star player on his team, someone with the potential and ability to do great things.  He also knew that by nurturing the entire team, as opposed to just focusing solely on the team's star, it would make a huge difference.

Under Phil Jackson's leadership, he led the team to win six NBA titles.  Everyone agrees, Jordan obviously had the talent to play great basketball, but it was Phil Jackson's coaching that took them to greatness.  As an insurance producer, you should consider a proven coaching program to help you break through into greatness.  But don't pick just any coach.  You need a coaching system that's actually helped insurance producers with less than 2-year's experience and those with more than 25-year's experience, and guarantees you'll double your production in less than 12 months.

Looking to Go From Good to Great?

If you are an insurance producer looking to go from good to great, consider one of the best mentoring, coaching and business management programs out there called Consistent Advisor.  Over the past three years, we've honed, refined and tested this coaching platform and its impact on a producer's overall production.  Consider these results:

  • J.S. Production
    • 1988 -- Entered the Business
    • 2013 Production -- $4.5 Million
    • Jan 2014 -- Entered Coaching Program
    • 2014 Production -- $8.5 Million
    • 2015 Production -- $10.2 Million
  • T.B. Production
    • 1988 -- Entered the business
    • 2014 Production -- $500,000
    • April 2015 -- Entered Coaching Program
    • 2015 Production -- $6.5 Million
  • A.K. Production
    • 2013 -- Entered the Business
    • Jan 2014 -- Entered Coaching Program
    • 2014 Production -- $4 Million
    • 2015 Production -- $12 Million
  • M.R. Production
    • Nov 2014 -- Entered the Business
    • May 2015 -- Entered Coaching Program
    • 2015 Production -- $2.2 Million
    • Jan 2016 -- Opened Second Office

Consistent Advisor guarantees you will double your production in less than 12 months -- regardless of what you sell.  In fact, by using Consistent Advisor you will sell more life insurance and annuity products than you ever thought imaginable.  As a pure mental exercise, have you ever wondered if Michael Jordan and the Bulls would have won six NBA titles without Phil Jackson?  Have you ever wondered how much more successful you'd be by using a proven coaching platform?

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